1 prep. "on" with reference to contact of surfaces, especially vertical surface in the sense in which a picture hangs on a wall; also used = "touching, as regards, concerning" VT44:26. Another variant gives pá and apa with the meaning “on above but touching”. 2 Variants of apa "after" VT44:36, which preposition is in one source also ascribed the first meaning here discussed. For Neo-Quenya purposes, pá and pa may be used for "on" or "concerning", whereas apa is used for "after" see entries for apa \#1 and \#2, or pa may also be seen as a shorter form of apa “after”, as in the phrase yéni pa yéni *“years upon years” VT44:36

Quettaparma Quenyallo (Quenya-English). 2014.

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